Beyza Piliç is adopting a differentiator in high quality and service as a fundamental customer service principle as well as delivering healthy products to its customers, It fulfills its part in favor of rising healthy generations.


Beyza Piliç does not use GMO chicken feed. Integrated plant within Beyza Piliç including Sinokrot breeder facilities, hatchery, feed factory, and breeding poultry houses make production in accordance with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock norms.


Raw materials used in the feed manufacturing facilities are analyzed by the Beyza Piliç's experts in the laboratories. All chickens that are carrying the Beyaz brand are the symbol of trust and bred in healthy environment.


Beyza chickens are controlled in all stages of the production by the expert physicians within the company.


Beyza Piliç has awarded with HALAL CERTIFICATE by the international GIMDES (Association of Food and Consumer Goods Inspection and Certification Research) organization. . Main difference in the chicken industry that Beyza Piliç has is the "slaughtered by hand without fainted" method applied. Beyza piliç has no opponent in this manner in Turkey. ' without fainted' and 'slaughtering by hand' are the most important matters in this method applied.


In the production process of the Beyza Piliç "air cooling method" is used which is much more healthy compared to "cooling with cold water" method. Utmost care is taken to not to break cold air chain and shipping of the products are carried out with the frigorific vehicles which is proper for shipping food products sensitive to changes in temperature.